Unatego Area Landowners Association

Otego - Unadilla - Butternuts Area Residents

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Gas drilling is coming to Otsego County.  Gas companies have contacted hundreds of landowners hoping to have them sign a company gas lease, which offers little protection and poor compensation to the landowner.  Signing such a lease is a BIG mistake!

The alternative is to form a landowner's association that will have enough clout to force the gas companies to adhere to rigorous proceedures in order to protect our water supplies, the environment, and the natural beauty of this area.

Doing nothing risks being integrated into an existing drilling unit, at which point your choices will be limited.  For more information on compulsory integration, please see Landowner's Information link above.  


   We are proud members of the Joint Landowner's Coalition of New York - www.jlcny.org/                The concept behind it's creation was to bring together all the various groups that were forming for education and land protections. On Janary 17 the JLC  incorporated as a 501c 6 a non-for-profit corporation. The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York Inc. (jlcny) has grown to represent 17 counties and 37+ coalitions. Estimated numbers of households are currently over 20,000 representing  approximately 70,000 people and over 800,000 acres throughout New York's Southern Tier


 This site was created to inform, educate and empower the people in Otsego County   

when dealing with the gas companies.